Ask any guy my age and he will say yes. Of course, he loves his old timers and I am no different. Just thinking back to my first ever car, that by now is probably an old timer worth a lot of cash, brings tears to my eyes. Immediately, I start to think back about all the good times I had with Bertha my BMW. Back in the day, I picked up my first date with Bertha and I even got intimate for the first time in Bertha. Bertha knew about all of my secrets, but she would never tell a soul. That was a true friend.

All the golden oldies

As luck would have it, I was booked to play at an old timer convention. I could enter the convention whenever I wanted, and since I only had to play late in the afternoon I thought I’d enjoy myself a bit first. I had no idea the convention would be as big as it was. There were at least 40.000 people and I don’t know how many cars. In the beginning I was just walking around, enjoying all the golden oldies, when suddenly I saw her. It was Bertha. And I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw who was standing next to her. The girl I had had my first date with. Seeing her and Bertha again almost made my eyes tear up. Luckily, I could man up in time to walk towards them. “Hey Brenda”, I said casually. The woman looked at me strangely and said, “My name is Hannah.”, and walked away. Immediately, I looked at Bertha only to learn that this wasn’t Bertha either. This car was similar, but not quite the same as the interior was done in a different colour. Somewhat disappointed, I continued to try and enjoy the convention.

Old timer magic

After a while I walked passed a hall and my curiosity got the best of me. Even though it said restricted on the door, I had to see what was behind it. I tried my best to sneak in unnoticed, which wasn’t easy carrying a sax and all, but it looked like I was getting away with it. I entered this big hall and looked around to see that there was an auction going on. I had never seen anything like it. It was a little far away but I could see that a very old Fiat was being auctioned as I walked in. At the time, the price that was going around was over €40K. I wanted to stay longer, but luckily I looked at my watch. It was only an hour before my show was about to start and I was nowhere near the stage yet.

The show will go on

When I finally reached the bar where I was about to play, I was pleasantly surprised. The entire convention had been great, but this was the best part. After all, this is where the visitors came to rest their feet after a long day of walking at the convention. And, of course to chill with a nice drink and some jazz music. It was a great atmosphere and people appreciated my music. They were talking amongst each other, but not too loudly. After a while, one of the bar tenders even found a hat and went around to collect tips for me. At first I didn’t want to accept them, I was already getting paid, after all. But then I saw how much money was in that hat. Ok, not enough to buy that Fiat I had seen being auctioned, but it was still a nice amount. After my performance I started talking to some visitors. One of whom even got me a next gig. So I can safely say that this was a great performance for me. One that I would like to repeat many times in the future.