When I was asked to play at a Company event for Free Spins Entertainment Limited, I didn’t really know what to expect. As it was an iGaming company, I was inclined to think that I would be dealing with all kinds of gambling addicts. Especially since the company name included the term free spins. If the company gives those out for free, it’s easy to assume that all employees are spending all of their time on slot machines. And it’s even possible to become a little jealous. Because, let’s be honest; who wouldn’t want to spend all day in an online casino? Especially if you are getting paid for it.

Free Spins Entertainment Limited

Boy, was I wrong. This company is not just any iGaming company. It’s a company that gives out free spins in order to lure new players to online casinos. But that’s not all by far. The company also has a responsible gaming department where they inform aspiring players about the dangers of online casinos. They also give advice and have a support program for players who believe they might have a problem. So instead of just working in the casino industry, this company cares about all the people who have to do with online casinos.

Get some free spins

And it cares about its employees too. That much became apparent when I arrived at the event that I was booked for; Free Spins Unlimited. And unlimited it was. The place had an open bar full of cocktails that were named after slots; Sam on the Beach, Wild Toro, Starburst, Wild Chase, DJ Wïld, Mr Vegas and much more. Everyone tasted better than the next. Meals were also called after slot machines, albeit a lot less famous ones. I only remember seeing some Chinese food named Win Sum Dim Sum. Pretty clever if you ask me.

Games for entertainment

Besides me and a DJ, there was not much musical entertainment. It revolved mostly about the many tablets on which everybody could play their favourite slots. The best part of the evening was when all the 350 employees were told that each would get €500 play money to spend on all the games they wanted. This wasn’t limited to the room full of tablets with slot machines. There was still another room full of actual casino tables with live dealers. Here you could play roulette, blackjack and casino poker. I’m sure you can guess that all the action happened at the poker table. Which was great for me, because the stage was right next to it. I must say that this is by far the most spectacular party that I have ever been to. It must have cost this online casino promoter a small fortune. But a fortune well spent.

What about the free spins?

Before I forget to explain what the company is all about, here it goes: Free Spins Entertainment Limited is a company that manages a couple of casino websites. The two biggest sites are getsumfreespins.com and freespinsallaround.eu. On these websites the company offers all kinds of slot machines for free. Whether they be fruit machines, classic slots, video slots, jackpot slots or anything else, you can find it here. When you play any of these games on one of their website, you don’t need to create an account as you automatically get play money when you open the game in demo mode. Problem with this is that you also cannot win any real money. So once you are ready to try to win some real money, they will send you on to a trustworthy casino to play the games that you’ve been playing so far. If you are still a bit hesitant, the employees are there to comfort you and guide you through the first steps in your new life as online casino player. All you need to do is enjoy. So do not hesitate and  claim free spins so you can play and hopefully win some money.